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User Acceptance and Testing

UAT is a method to determine if the system is acceptable and capable of delivering accurate, timely information and satisfactory service to the users. The UAT team validates end-to-end business functionality to assess whether the application performs to a customer defined acceptable level of application functionality and stability.

UAT provides the customer with an opportunity to test the software solution, simulate a production environment and allow the validation of the requirements outlined in the Vision and Scope Document (V/S), Business Requirements Document (BRD), and Requirements Software Documentation (RSD).

Adnet provides User Acceptance Testing (UAT) methods, Adnet provide an objective and independent assessment of software product implementations (and related processes) throughout the project lifecycle. In addition Adnet UAT methods facilitate early detection and correction of errors, enhances management insight into risks and mitigates the risks that a project will not meet its goals in terms of project performance, scope, schedule, and budget. Adnet work with Subject Matter Experts and Stakeholders to develop Test Cases and Test Scenarios, define Test Bed requirements, and to execute Testing tasks.

Adnet uses CMMI ML3 validation and verification based UAT processes, we use configuration management.

We have performed UAT successfully for VA, FMS and EPA systems.