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Quality Policy & Practices


The bedrock of Customer satisfaction lies in quality. Adnet embraces this belief and puts a strong emphasis on optimal quality in terms of service and deliverables. Inherent in this commitment is our pledge to contrive zero-defect software.

Adnet’s holistic, enterprise-wide Quality System integrates multiple quality standards like ISO and SEI CMMI in delivering enhanced productivity and continual, ongoing improvement. Our formal quality accreditations include ISO 20000:2011, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 and SEI CMMI Level 3.

Our Quality System includes the following elements:

  1. Steadfast processes for ensuring quality of software products and services to meet customer requirements.
  2. Integrated quality control activities such as reviews, inspection and testing during the development process.
  3. Metrics to monitor processes, products and services, including measurement of responsiveness, accuracy, agility, timeliness, efficiency and auditability.
  4. Scheduled monitoring of projects to ensure on-time deliveries.
  5. Focus on bug prevention through trainings, rules and practices.
  6. Human resource development and training.

Benefits to Customers

Adnet’s robust system adds value and aggrandizes the traditional systems, and benefits the customers by:

  • Reduced Risks: Through definition and management of IT processes, Adnet promises its customers a consistent and lithe performance.
  • Reducing Costs: With thorough tracking, control and management, Adnet ensures work process efficiency leading to lower IT project costs.
  • Providing Outmatched Quality: Objective and quantitative analysis of process performance gives Adnet the ability and insight to improve the efficacy of work processes and reduce causes of non-conformance, resulting in less time and resource expenditure, less cost and faster time-to-market.