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Configuration Management

For everyday process, organizations are reliant on IT infrastructure comprising of multiple systems. Each system may have numeral components. Managing and controlling the integrity of these IT resource components is essential. Adnet provides a complete set of configuration management services. We define the scope, develop CM plan, propose and arrange the apt repository using apposite CM System and define practices to maintain the integrity of the systems for optimal operation. Adnet also supports configuration management in software development.

Adnet CM Capability
We understand the critical steps in configuration management and content management as shown below.

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Developing CM Plan – Adnet completely understands that implementing a configuration management program can be very intricate; therefore, we suggest preparing a realistic CM plan at the outset. This plan gives you a clear picture of the policies, goals, scope and processes for effective configuration control. It clearly identifies what configuration items will be controlled, how changes will be initiated and implemented. Plans and policies for a change control board may be suggested. Adnet also assists in developing a set of criteria for selecting the CI needed for control. We look at each layer of IT infrastructure (applications, operating systems, hardware, and services) to determine the most appropriate set of CIs and their relationships to track changes and monitor compliance to the CM Plan.

Establishing repository – An appropriate repository is looked-for for the effective and efficient implementation of configuration management. Adnet has a set of criteria for selection of a repository suitable for your unique CM environment. These tools must allow access control, CI change log, creating baseline and perform audits.

Adnet has worked with a number of tools suitable for software systems, content management and infrastructure management. We can help you select a CM system most suitable to your organizational needs. We can acquire, install and configure the tool to support your CM. Rational Clear Case, SharePoint, Microsoft SourceSafe and CVS to name a few of the CM tools we have used.

Developing Audit Procedures:: To manage your system’s configuration, a set of procedures are needed to operate the system. Adnet has a set of procedures suitable for unique IT environment. It covers a complete set of required routines to maintain the integrity of your system. The procedures include criteria to identify configuration items, adequate access control, change control, baseline creation and performing periodic audits to maintain the integrity of the system throughout the stages of CM life cycle- dynamic, controlled and static.

Adnet has experienced professionals for managing configuration of large and small systems of various types. Please contact us to assist you in meeting your CM needs.

Some of the Standards Used in Adnet CM Practices:

  • IEEE Standard 828-1990
  • DOD-STD-490 Specification Practices; Notices 1 and 2
  • MIL-STD-973 Configuration Management
  • DoDD 5010.19 Configuration Management
  • CMII-100C CMII Standard for Enterprise Configuration Management
  • SEI –SCM – Handbook